Your Media. No Limits.

stream to ALL your devices.
Streaming Media

How it works

  • Kodi boxes stream content from the internet to one (1) TV. PiMedia downloads the same content and streams to ALL your smart devices. Lag/Buffer Free!
  • Install an App on you smart phone and you instantly have a shared backup system for you cell phone pictures and music.
  • PiMedia will stream all your personal photos, music and videos to all devices connected to your home network also, instantly
  • With AutoDownload, PiMedia will always have the best, most recent content

PiMedia offers lag free media streaming

  • Server

    PiMedia is your own
    personal media server.
    You never need to have a computer on to run PiMedia services.

  • Security

    You never have to worry about viruses for PiMedia.
    Its virtually impenetrable.

  • Control

    Manage your PiMedia services with an intuative web control panel

  • Smart Devices

    Stream to ALL your smart devices.
    ie. TV, iPad, Tablet or Phone

  • Text Alerts

    PiMedia will text message you when a download is complete.

Installed for only $150

Includes Home Network Analysis/Reconfigure
External Hard Drive not included